Friday, April 6, 2012

The Masquerade: Mark Twain’s The adventures of Huckleberry Finn REVIEW

“ I never knowed how clothes could change a body before.
Dear Huck,
Haven’t you been introduced to the best clothing? In your moments of peacefulness on Jackson’s Island – that “deserted stretch of land in the middle of the river- or on that place you call home, the raft. Haven’t you worn that precious piece when you were all naked in the nature celebrating your freedom? Have you known only weeping as an externalization of your emotions?
Smiling - for or for no reason and as long as it is beaming from the heart- is the best accessory anyone can have. It is an ornament. It is a gift from the inner self to the rest of the world that you can always offer; and it always shines back to you.
Between the temporary satisfaction and the bitter loneliness that follows it; have you never given a place to it? Have you never given your heart anything besides that wish to die? Or have you been cruel to yourself just like you have been harsh on criticizing society? Shall I now be addressing Twain, the creator of Huckleberry and the one who “told the truth”?
 What a hideous truth! What a distorted image of childhood!
Void of that smile.. That beautiful smile.. That innocent smile.
Why have you enwrapped yourself with this black veil of cold emotions?
Death in every imagined story you tell to people or are those desires? Longing for a family.. Then reality crushes it and it is destroyed. All goes back to demise by the end.
Your childhood has been killed too even though you have been mentally growing throughout your long adventures. You have been taken by the stream of the Mississippi river but also by the stream of experience. You have grown accustomed to cruelty but at the same time introvert with the way you keep silent on what your eyes meets and senses feel. At the same time, you are entrusting us as readers to decipher your silence which speaks louder than words.
What shocks the eye makes the tongue speechless and saddens the heart . You do not prefer to be naked at this stage and reveal your true feelings; but rather hide behind that well-forged gate of hushed musings and unbearable lonesomeness.
Nonetheless, you cannot fake it. Dear Huck, you cannot fake it.
You have failed in dressing up and acting as a girl. Even though, you are a “mighty good” trickster, the lady knew you are but a fraud. You can but be yourself, you can be but bare naked to the truth that you will have to endure dangers alone. You will have to know the true nature of people.
 Unmask them. Look beyond their surfaces to their rigid soulless beings and aimless lives.
Empty mob.
 Huck.. That disguise was worthless and so are appearances. They are phony. They are deceiving. They are valueless in front of the potency of that very smile I have been strangling you with since the beginning. I reckon you are estranged to it.
 That’s what would make me “ashamed of the human race”.
So, try it. Wear it.
 You too dear reader, wear it. 

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