Sunday, September 18, 2011

“ Life happens when you are busy making plans “

I constantly think about the future. The tomorrow is haunting my dreams and gulping my life .
I feel a deep melancholy and for some reason angry. 
I have always wanted to be treated , not differently but just right. I counted on some people to beautify my existence but I ended up disappointing myself. Till far,only few worth my trust. However, I cannot deny how scary it is for me: The single thought of being left or forgotten. It scares me because I give too much to not say everything. 
I would like to keep faith in people, to believe that they are not all alike. Otherwise, it would break my heart into pieces reflecting my despair and fear. 
There is indeed a black hole inside of me. A kind of unbearable emptiness is eating me; but my within is silent.
Yes even with these couple of lines, it is still silent. My screams are quiet .
I miss the feeling of belonging ;but I tracked down truth and now I just want to stick to the never ending happiness: The Love Of Almighty God .

[ Published especially for my friend Lizna.. In the process of following each other’s paces]

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

..~ Muslim Lolita ~..

I wish I knew you girls in person.. I wish I could meet you some day.. laugh with you, take pictures .. capture some beautiful memories .. A world of a pink velvet touch that is so beautiful that it becomes all you think of. Lolita world.. and not just any Lolita. It’s “ Muslim Lolita “ ;
 Don’t be surprised with this new term.  Muslim Lolita” is like any other kind of Lolita (sweet, gothic..ect) but it is restricted with the Muslim dressing code which manifests in covering the head, arms and legs, basically not showing much skin which what Lolita is about , right?
Dressing up in the most modest way, reflecting inner beauty and sweetness."

I gathered some pictures of my  f r i e n d s ;  I admire them for real   I really hope they like this, their opinions mean the world for me *O*

..~ Inaudible Cry ~..

Ribbed around the core with a tactless cord
Wondering what have we done wrong..??!
Spent a lot of time waiting for the sun to enlighten the skies
Wanting to smother the ones in disguise
The ones who oppressed us, betrayed us
For how long do we had to bear all this sus?!
Suspicious..Mistrustful.. Cautious
Were the looks on their faces
But, that was the first chapter of the story
Now we moved to the second part
..To the part of the glory
We’ve been purged of all sins
Sins of the hazy cynical world
Tracking down traces of loneliness
Craving to help the hopeless ..the aimless
Hoping to restore the divided dream
Before the sorrow spreads and starts to seem
Upon drifted spirits and wafted souls
..To be ferried away..
Terrifically dejected
Tremendously deflated
All along the way, the past will keep rankling
You and I my dear, are gonna keep fighting
We’ve been set free before, let’s try not to fall
..Again in this deep curtained hole
Let’s try to retouch it all
There’s still a lot to do
That’s the howling fact
Let’s accomplish the second part, let’s react

..~ Harmony homicide ~..

A label to the crucified soul
Gather in here reply to my call
Gentleness and fragility emanate from you
I’m founding myself permeable in front of you
Your senses and all your strength
Divulged the fiend
He’s brutalized in front of you, the one of kind
Hell’s gate lies open
To the petrified imp, you’re weakening
Waning diminishing dwindling
Let it burn..that demon in the agony of my anger
Let its pain ring .. let its soreness ping
God knows I don’t enjoy it.. its just a transient  satisfaction
That’s gonna plunge me into relief and liberation..