Friday, March 23, 2012

It Was One Of Those Nights .. Unusual Nights.

Is it the coffee I drunk three hours ago that kept the curtains of my eyes wide open?
Or is it the coming morrow that enthralled every cell in my body and deprived me from a good night sleep..
Or is it you?
Is it my fancy that has drawn these picturesque images I am seeing or are these shades of reality?
How shall I know?
How shall I know what I am feeling?
Oh fantastical imaginings, how much I wish for your dimness to come to an end.
This is not a phase of meditation or self-identification.
Merely questions.. Lucid thoughts of blurred visions that are now penned down.
Ask not about the paradox.
It is like a maze: You know you will be lost; but you still to enter. You still dare; and I still dare to question.
I think it is because of them all.
Eventually, I could not decide. I could not know.
Looking at the bright side: I gained a friend.
It is called Insomnia. I have a feeling we will be close for a while.
At least, I know that.

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