Wednesday, July 6, 2011

..~ Muslim Lolita ~..

I wish I knew you girls in person.. I wish I could meet you some day.. laugh with you, take pictures .. capture some beautiful memories .. A world of a pink velvet touch that is so beautiful that it becomes all you think of. Lolita world.. and not just any Lolita. It’s “ Muslim Lolita “ ;
 Don’t be surprised with this new term.  Muslim Lolita” is like any other kind of Lolita (sweet, gothic..ect) but it is restricted with the Muslim dressing code which manifests in covering the head, arms and legs, basically not showing much skin which what Lolita is about , right?
Dressing up in the most modest way, reflecting inner beauty and sweetness."

I gathered some pictures of my  f r i e n d s ;  I admire them for real   I really hope they like this, their opinions mean the world for me *O*


  1. If you try EGL, you might find some muslim lolitas near you! I saw a muslim lolita community there! ^~^

  2. Yes , in fact there is a muslim Lolita community on Facebook which is pretty active !! thank you for your comment <3